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Case study 9

New market opportunity

French asset manager
Business need

Canadian investors from different provinces of Canada expressed interest in the European fund range of a Tier 1 French asset manager. The asset manager needed a quick response on two questions: Is it ...

FundGlobam's role
Case study 8

Local distribution support services

Leading European service provider
Business need

European service provider asked FundGlobam to support its initiative to enhance local distribution support services. This included a request for detailed knowledge and insight on local requirements in ...

FundGlobam's role
Case study 7

Product development

Leading global asset servicer
Business need

Global asset servicer decided to enrich its service offering for asset managers with a comprehensive distribution support solution covering over 40 markets in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South A ...

FundGlobam's role

FundGlobam Key Figures

18.000 pages The fund distribution
+ 60% growth of our
portfolio last year
3500+ funds distributed
with our support

Founded in 2009, FundGlobam is an expert firm focusing on market knowledge, distribution strategy, distribution support and marketing assistance to the investment fund industry.

The FundGlobam’s approach is based on a permanent huge investment in global fund market knowledge with an extensive experience in cross-border distribution.

Located in Luxembourg and in Paris, we provide knowledge, expertise, coordination and assistance services for the cross-border marketing and distribution of investment funds worldwide.

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Sep 01, 2020 Développement de FundGlobam France

Karine Chauvin, qui occupait le poste de Country Head auprès de FundGlobam France depuis avril 2019, a décidé de réorienter sa carrière pour démarrer un projet personnel qui lui tenait ... Read more

Aug 31, 2020 Les Matinales de la Distribution 2020

5ème Edition des Matinales de la Distribution : une conférence dédiée au développement de la distribution internationale de fonds d’investissement. Le thème de cette cinquième édition portera sur l’investissement durable comme ... Read more

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November 5

The Fund Distribution Breakfasts / Les Matinales de la Distribution

Fifth edition of the Fund Distribution Breakfasts: a conference dedicated to the development of the cross-border distribution of investment funds. This edition's theme will be “Sustainable investment: towards a more ... Read more

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