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Case study 9

New market opportunity

French asset manager
Business need

Canadian investors from different provinces of Canada expressed interest in the European fund range of a Tier 1 French asset manager. The asset manager needed a quick response on two questions: Is it ...

FundGlobam's role
Case study 8

Local distribution support services

Leading European service provider
Business need

European service provider asked FundGlobam to support its initiative to enhance local distribution support services. This included a request for detailed knowledge and insight on local requirements in ...

FundGlobam's role
Case study 7

Product development

Leading global asset servicer
Business need

Global asset servicer decided to enrich its service offering for asset managers with a comprehensive distribution support solution covering over 40 markets in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South A ...

FundGlobam's role

FundGlobam Key Figures

18.000 pages The fund distribution
+ 60% growth of our
portfolio last year
3500+ funds distributed
with our support

There is no harmonisation in global fund distribution. Since 2012, FundGlobam codified local rules and practice in a common approach over more than 70 jurisdictions.
FundGlobam shares its knowledge in a transparent and comprehensible way. We contribute to strategic decision making on fund distribution, we provide market intelligence and market watch, we fulfill your initial setup, we provide ongoing distribution support, compliance and risk management and we assist your marketing activities.

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Jul 19, 2019 Market Monitoring - June 2019

FundGlobam Monthly Market Monitoring June 2019 edition reported 86 relevant events out of a 300 events collected. Europe’s contribution is the most important share with a total of 62% collected ... Read more

Jul 16, 2019 Belgian Taxe d’Abonnement on Luxembourg SICAV confirmed inconsistent with the BE/LU Tax Treaty: hope for recovery?

Recent judgments issued by the Brussels Court of Appeal confirmed that the Belgian Taxe d’Abonnement is inconsistent with the Tax Treaty preventing double taxation between Belgium and Luxembourg. Belgium is ... Read more

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