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Our Products & Services are structured to provide asset managers with practical support for their global fund distribution

Market Intelligence

Many events happen in a fund lifetime; most of them have an impact on fund distribution.

Do you have a distribution strategy ? Where are your investors located ? What if the subscriber is a pension fund, a bank, an insurance undertaking, a retail investor ? How to deal with reverse solicitation ? How to approach a market ? What is the best suitable regime in a given market ? Do you have budget forecasts ? Do you know your market breakeven ? Shall you appoint local representatives ? What are the local marketing material rules ? Is your website compliant ? How to terminate marketing ? Do you have procedures, roadmaps and tools to manage your distribution oversight duties ? Do you have sufficient resources to ensure timely market watch ? All these aspects are covered by the FundGlobam market intelligence.

Still struggling with a tricky question ? Call the FundGlobam hotline.

Distribution Support

Our challenge is to provide on the spot added value leveraging on market intelligence to support your fund distribution.

Did you already start distributing your funds on a cross border basis ? Let us review your achievements and budgets. There may be room for improvements and optimisations. As a next step, you may put the cost savings on fund sales efforts.

If you start expanding your distribution network, just make it right and avoid some frequent mistakes. Entering and developing a new market requests diligent preparation (legal documentation, appointment of local representatives, preparation of specific tax reporting). Local registration is the last piece of work.

FundGlobam takes care of all your duties and you benefit from the FundGlobam hotline.

Business development

Our ambition is to provide you with efficient assistance to reach investors and grow your assets.

You need to make your way across a new market ? You are distributing funds in a market and the assets raised are under expectation ? Do you reach the break-even level in every market ? We provide assistance to promotion supporting clients in a limited number of markets to facilitate the access to investors communities, local distributors, local intermediairies, platforms and other commercial relays.

Marketing funds locally, dealing with cultural specificities and successfully targeting investors meeting their specific needs requires appropriate assistance: we assist our clients in various areas of local marketing and market practices, including appropriate targeting of investors,  assistance to networking, appropriate marketing documentation, conferences and roadshows, etc.

Be informed, ask for alerts. Contact us !

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