Monitoring the impacts of the Brexit on the investment fund industry 

EU laws no longer applies in the UK. The consequences for many financial services are deep, unclear and not yet all disclosed.

On an inbound UK perspective, the passporting has ended and a temporary permissions regime (TPR) has taken place to allow non-UK firms/funds to continue their business during the transition period top a new UK regulation.

On an outbound non-UK perspective, non-UK markets impacted by the Brexit, namely EU and EEA markets, may take any decision and measures in relation to inbound activities by UK firms/funds into their territories.

In this context FundGlobam, your distribution support, has decided to edit for you, a new specific monitoring « Brexit Market Monitoring ».

This specific monitoring will be available from Monday, 1st February daily, if relevant, and will cover every EU country affected by Brexit. The Brexit Market Monitoring will be carried out for as long as necessary.