Danish FSA to issue 2021 fees

Copenhagen, on 17 December
Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (DFSA) has published the regulatory fees applicable for 2021.

Each UCI distributing units/shares in Denmark will receive an invoice covering the cost of supervision for 2021; all information relating to the payment will be included.

Danish regulatory fees are calculated on the basis on an annual index applicable to 2016 fees.
The 2021 fees table is as follows:

Cross-border distribution of a EU/EEA UCITS in Denmark (UCITS passport):
– Notification fee: DKK 6,702.00 (€900) per notification
– Annual fee : DKK 23,457.00 (€3,153) per structure

Cross-border marketing of a EU/EEA AIF to professional investors in Denmark (AIFMD passport):
– Notification fee: DKK 2,000.00 (€269) per AIF/sub-fund
– Annual fee : DKK 5,897.76 (€793) per AIF/sub-fund

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