The 2019 fund distribution breakfast - rescheduled

The London edition of the morning sessions “Fund Distribution breakfasts”: a conference dedicated to the development of the cross-border distribution of investment funds.

We have to reschedule the conference: the latest developments on the Brexit make the top priorities on topics far from the focus of  the conference, as much for UK promoters outbound business as for non-UK promoters inbound activities in the UK. 
We will communicate the new date as soon as the conference is rescheduled.

This edition of the Fund Distribution breakfasts makes a specific focus on the attractiveness of social responsible fund products to European investors. In addition, hot topics will be discussed in the second part of the conference.
A half-day morning session conference followed by networking lunch; the London breakfast of fund Distribution are part of FundGlobam conference program. We are delighted to compare experts’ analysis and share experiences of our clients and partners in London.

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This event is accessible on invitation only.