Statement of COVID-19 Daily Monitoring after 3 weeks

FundGlobam provides a daily “C19MM” monitoring tracking the huge volume of measures and regulatory changes in relation to the COVID pandemic within our scope of 80+ cross-border fund distribution markets.

In this context, a specific COVID-19 section is provided on this website, always kept up-to-date relating a permanent monitoring, key numbers and a high level analysis of all measures (&co) taken in 80+ markets.

The C19MM tackles “C19-events” since the 1st of March. C19MM daily reports are provided since the 6th of April: 3 weeks of daily reporting now,  the good time for a first statement.

As at Friday, the 24th of April:

  • 83 jurisdictions and 6 institutions monitored
  • 69 jurisdictions and 6 institutions reported
  • 917 C19-events reported
  • 22,9 C19-events per day (average)
  • Top reporting markets: Italy, Korea, UK, Singapore, Sweden

Please find more information on FundGlobam’s C19 permanent page.