Sustainable finance has become a real trend across Europe, as well as in most places across the globe; as an example, APAC markets such as Singapore and Hong Kong become really focused on ESG and  matters relating to sustainable finance are progressing rapidly.

The European markets, in particular leading ESG EU/EEA markets appear as a sort of reference in sustainable finance area. In this context, the EU Commission, as well as certain EU/EEA NCAs (National Competent Authorities), recently took measures in regard to the protection of investors, principally in respect to disclosure made by ESG products managers in regard to non-financial criteria. Other measures will be taken by other NCAs, as well as competent authorities of non-EU/EEA jurisdictions.

This page provide an up-to-date state of work reflecting the progress of major projects relating to sustainable finance disclosure regulations; the page will be updated from time to time to reflect the most relevant changed laid down in the main distribution markets.
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