The AMF to update its policy on performance fees

Paris, 16 March 2021

The French AMF confirmed the update of its policy on performance fees on 16 March 2021.

Guide to Fees modifications

The AMF amended its position (recommendation AMF DOC-2012-12) clarifying therefore the rules applicable to performance fees.

“Product” instructions and appendices changes

The AMF updated Instructions DOC-2011-19, DOC-2011-20 and DOC-2011-21 and appendices on the standard template for KIIDs, prospectuses and regulations.

Guide to Drafting Collective Investment Marketing Materials amendments

The AMF amended the position (recommendation) DOC-2011-24 to provide guidance and education with a reference to the related ESMA guidelines.


Those amendment enter into force immediately, keeping in mind that the original policy was in force since 5 January 2021.

Also, please note that the FundGl0bam fact fiel/Reference guide to cross-border distribution in France is updated accordingly.

FundGlobam will be happy to assist you should you require any further information.